So we traveled to Houston, Texas. It was humid and hot but we were so excited!! We checked into our hotel and felt so happy that all the hours of hard work paid off. The fundraising, the sweat of the car wash, yard sale and dinners brought us to this. So many kids, so much excitement, so much faith! There is something so special that happens when you are surrounded by 20,000 teens screaming and singing praise. It’s like electricity and you can't help but smile from ear to ear. We sat there in Minute Maid Stadium and I looked at Brooklyn and Blessing and you just feel it:

Faith...Jesus...Love...Electricity. I felt myself just so flooded and overwhelmed with emotion. I whispered to Brooklyn "This is awesome Brook."  She agreed as we both sang...our God is a Lion the Lion of Judah...and did "the Wave" over and over. We heard amazing speakers but one I will never forget. He was a fourth generation Pastor and he spoke about Middle Words...and God having the final word. And as he spoke, I looked up in the stadiums clear roof and I saw lightening and heard thunder. He continued his sermon that felt like just a talk amongst friends. He said even Death is a Middle Word and Jesus is the Final Word!  There was such a roar of applause and clapping; it overpowered the thunder and there we saw exclamations of lightening dancing in the night sky. I got chills watching all of this and could not help but FEEL IT. I’m very humbled and so grateful I was a part of this trip. It is something me and my children will never forget. I hope these seeds that were planted will flourish.

Jade Clark Church Council President