Our solar project is almost finished. Just a little more work to get the SDG&E permit to operate. Thanks for all of the donations towards this project.

We are working on the weed beds by the driveway to the lower parking lot. The first one closest to the office is complete and the other one is ready for rocks to come in.  Hopefully by the end of the month it will be finished.

We have talked about new chairs for the Fellowship Hall, and Young at Heart has already donated $400 to the project. I want to get a couple samples in so that we can make a decision. The problem is it costs almost as much to have them shipped in as it does for the chairs themselves. I guess Amazon Prime is our only reasonable choice.

I would like to clean out the Youth House now that our young people have returned from their convention and probably are tired of yard sales. I would like to have one or two more this summer to help us unload all of the "treasures" that we have and put that money to the chair fund.  Anyone that would like to help, please contact me.  

Don't worry: for the next Youth Gathering we will acquire new stuff for them to sell.

Anyone that wants to paint a rock and add to our garden in front of the sign is encouraged to do so.  We can always use new decorations. Please remember that the nicer it is, the faster it will disappear and be someone's new treasure.

As always, if you see something that needs attention, please let Mike or myself know about it.

And if you have any milk or juice cartons, please drop them by the kitchen. This really helps the We See You Ministry save money by making our own ice and not having to buy it.

Thank you, and God Bless,

Dan Herman Trustee 619-415-7472