Trustee Report

Hello all, 
Well summer if officially upon us. And our Solar system has been fully installed. They upgraded the fuses this past Friday and Monday the 27th the city is scheduled to come out for their final inspection. Then just certification by SDG&E and we should be good to go.

Landscaping is a continuous project.  Any help is always appreciated.

Still looking at replacing the chairs in the Fellowship Hall.  Was surprised to see how expensive simple plastic chairs are. I would like to get 2-3 in and have everyone decide on them. The bad thing about these is that after you pay for shipping, they are about $100 each. Any ideas are more than welcome.  We want them to be stackable and have carts to move them around with.

We would also like to get the carpet cleaned so that will be an added expense. Always something that needs attention.

Thanks for everyone who helps. Every little bit makes a big difference.

God bless.
Dan Herman, Trustee