John 6:35-51

Last week we said that Jesus is the Bread of Life that satisfies. This week we see that it is God who provides.  God provides everything for us. Jesus is the bread that came down from Heaven.   When we eat the bread of life we will never again be hungry but will be satisfied.  

Those who believe in Jesus will be raised up on the last day.  The Father sends all who would be saved to Jesus. The believing is left up to us.  You see God has given us free will. We can return God’s love for us or we can reject it.  God has given us all free will.  That is why there is evil in the world.  God does not force us to love Him or receive Him.  

John chapter 1 tells us that although the word was created by Jesus the world rejected Jesus. But to all who received Him, God gives the right for us to be called His children.  The offer has no expiration date except your physical death.  I am praying that you will receive the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world while you still have breath.  

~ Pastor Dave