John 18:33-37

Today is the last year of the church calendar. We celebrate Christ the King Sunday. I will be looking at the drama that unfolds between the religious leaders seeking to have Jesus killed, the Roman Governor Pilate and Jesus. To do that I will be looking at John 18:28-19:16. There are seven scenes based on Pilate’s movements.

We will see how the religious leaders would not enter a Gentiles building in order to keep religious purity but at the same time sought to kill the Som of God. Hate is terrible and when mixed with religious zeal it compounds the severity of it.

Pilate wants to stay neutral in the exchange but Jesus won’t allow it. Jesus confronts Pilate, and us too, with the fact that He is God the King. We must either accept Him or reject Him. Join me as we hear Jesus call to us to receive Him as the king of our lives because Jesus is the King of all creation!