John 14:23-29

This is the last Sunday of Easter.  Next Thursday is ascension day when Jesus ascended into Heaven.  In His farewell speech to His disciples, Jesus  promises not to leave them as orphans.  He promises the Paraclete. A Greek word used mostly in John 14 to describe His ongoing presence in the world after His ascension.

Jesus promised to return.  John was written around 100 AD or about 70 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus.  They were expecting an apocalypse.  God rescuing His people. From a hopeless situation.  But that didn’t happen.

What did happen is Jesus returned as the Paraclete to walk with us through our lives. The testimony of Christians through the last two thousand years is that we stop waiting to be saved. We keep on going, struggling through our trials and tribulations knowing that God is always with us.  Join us today as we celebrate God’s ongoing presence on our lives.