Luke 3:1-20
Heeeeeeere's Jesus

Welcome to the second Sunday of Advent.  John the Baptizer always shows up at this time of year to introduce Jesus as the Messiah.  John’sappearance was prophesied by Isaiah when he said there would be a herald who would be a voice in the wilderness.  His message was to prepare the way of the Lord.  

How do we prepare our hearts for the coming of the Messiah?  If we are rich, have compassion on the poor. Do not use our personal power for our own advantage. John calls us to repent. To turn away from our trying to win our salvation by our own works and trust that God is doing it for us in Jesus Christ.  

He warns us not to count on our religious pedigree or our genealogies.  But that we should focus on bearing the fruit of our repentance.  God is more interested in our fruits than our roots.  Join us as we take a look at this Old Testament prophet walking on the banks of the Jordan River.  His message still speaks to us today.