Luke 2:1-20

What is it about Christmas Eve candlelight services that draws us in in year after year?  I guess there are as many answers to that as there people watching. Some are here because they are believers and want to worship their Lord. In the Name of the God you worship and adore, welcome.

Others are here because although they once believed, faith in Jesus has slipped down the priority list and that closeness they once felt with God is a distant memory. You are here because you would like to fill that emptiness that now exists in your soul. In the Name of the God you used to know, welcome. 

Whatever the case may be I have some very good news for you!  The angels announced the birth of Jesus to shepherds out watching their flocks by night. The shepherds were frightened but the angels said “Fear not!  For behold, I bring you glad tidings of great joy which shall be for all people for unto you this day a Savior has been born He is Christ the Lord!”

Join us as we rediscover the miracle of God becoming flesh that first Christmas Day!