Luke 6:17-26

Today's lesson from Jesus is a head-scratcher.  Mostly because we usually miss the point He is making.  Jesus comes down off a mountain where He had been praying all night. He designated twelve from His disciples to be apostles and brings them to a plain, where the people are.  

He heals all who are sick and drives out demons.  He then teaches His disciples.  He says blessed are the poor, the hungry, the weeping those who are reviled and them pronounces woe on the rich, those who are full now, those who laugh now, and those of whom people speak well of!  What’s Jesus up to?  

When Jesus healed everyone, He showed what the Kingdom of God will be like. But it is not like that now.  In the Kingdom, everyone is equal.  Not so much here.  Notice Jesus says blessed are the poor. He does not say poverty is blessed but those who believe in Him, regardless of their status here on earth are equals in the Kingdom.

Join us today as we sit at the feet of Jesus and discover what this topsy-turvey Christianity is all about.