Luke 6:27-38

I saw a guy wearing a shirt one day that had the familiar Christian symbol of a fish on it. It also had many other fish, some of them menacing in appearance swimming in one direction. The Christian fish was swimming against the flow.

The reason I bring that up is because the teachings Jesus presents to us in our reading today are about as counter-culture as they can be. Jesus tells us to love our enemies, if someone slaps us on our cheek, offer to them the other cheek.  What is going on here?  Does Jesus want to see us injured?

Jesus is teaching us on how to live a grace-filled life where we show mercy.  In our cancel culture today, that message seems like foolishness.  But Jesus gave His life for us while we were sinners. Jesus gives us grace and mercy and calls on His followers to extend that grace and mercy to those around us. Even our enemies!  Even when we are persecuted!

Join us today as we zoom in on Kingdom living and the difference that living can make to those who experience it and those who offer it.